Experiential Learning Project Profiles


Development Process of Community Projects
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Projects for Inter-disciplinary and Multi-disciplinary Learning
Index Country/City Location Project Name Key Areas
GH01-001 Hong Kong Various Locations in Hong Kong Platforms and Opportunities for Social Innovation
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Social Innovation, Social Needs, Social Enterprise, Underprivileged Children, Single-parent Family, Poverty, Aging, Disability, Green, Lifestyle, Living Space, Co-habiting, Cultural Tour, Supplemental Instruction, Business Model, Sustainability, Creativity, Business Development
GH01-002 Hong Kong Pokfulam Village Pokfulam Village
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Cultural Heritage, Oral History, Urban Farming, Organic Farm, Community Arts, Landscape, Environment, Stream Habitat, Water Quality, Water Supply, Health, Aging, Village, Villager, Government Policy, Ecology, Sociology
GH01-003 Hong Kong Various Indoor Locations in Hong Kong Creative & Reflective Dialogue with (Other) Parents
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Developmental Psychology, Childhood, Parenthood, Parent Education, Parenting, Family, Government Policy, Youngster, Reflection, Expression, Story Telling, Oral History, Dialogue, Interview, Generation Gap, ICT
GH01-004 Hong Kong Various Locations in Hong Kong When Reading Goes Wild: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Create and Use Children Picture Books for Learning and Parenting
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Picture Book, Story, Literature, Reading, Toy, Children, Parents, Learning, Experience, Play, Playgroup, Parenting, Education, Family, Community, Social Inclusion, Early Childhood, Arts, Nature, Community and Public Space, Instructional Design, Curriculum Design
GH01-005 Hong Kong The ground and water areas of Aberdeen The Water People Living Museum in Aberdeen: Oral History, Cultural Tourism & Social Enterprise
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Hong Kong Fisheries History, Fishing and Water People Community, Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Social Innovation, Social Enterprise, Oral History, Story Telling, Narration, Documentation, Social Sciences, Business and Economics
GH01-006 Myanmar Myanmar & Thai-Burma Borders To & From Myanmar with Love & Knowledge
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Burma, Myanmar, War, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Education, Law, Human Rights, Journalism, Health, Language, Business, Architecture, Psychology, Therapy, Burmese, Refugee
GH01-007 Hong Kong Southern District ENGAGEMENT: Intergenerational Innovation from Yesteryear to Future
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Intergeneration, Aging Society, Nutrition, Food Culture, Oral history, Elderly Empowerment, Special Education, Elderly Empowerment, Apps, Social Issues, aging, elderly, education
GH01-008 Hong Kong Kwun Lung Lau (West District), Hong Kong Live a Healthy Life at Kwun Lung
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Social capital, health prevention, social needs, deprived family, chronic patients, single elderly, Health for All Ages, community care
GH01-009 Hong Kong Mainly in region of New Territories West EMPOWERING Elderly Volunteers & Learners
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elderly learners, elderly volunteer, training, lifelong learning, aging, active, knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer, workshops, multidiscipline, inter-discipline, intergeneration, health, interest, leisure, culture, IT, ICT
GH01-010 Hong Kong Hong Kong Bystander CPR Training: Developing skills of Emergency supports in the Community
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emergency, acute, illness, injuries, CPR, training, community, health, first-aid, education, support, life
GH01-011 Hong Kong Hong Kong Future of Business Challenges: Innovative and Sustainable Business Practices
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CSR, corporate social responsibility, corporate sustainability, innovation, job shadowing, internship, case studies, multi-media presentation, business, entrepreneur, future, challenge
GH01-012 Hong Kong Various locations in Hong Kong Fostering HK’s Young Makers and ChangeMakers
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Maker movement, maker education, technology, innovation, social innovation, instructional design, programming, manufacturing, IoT, video production, engineering, interactive media, new technologies, prototyping, marginalized communities, education, workshop, creative, social entrepreneurship
GH01-013 Hong Kong Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarter and Pokfulam Village Heritage Revitalisation: Converting the Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarters into a Living Museum, The Pokfulam Farm
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heritage, preservation, conversation, Old Dairy Farm, Pokfulam, dairy farm, construction, historic, building, history, culture, milk, animal, nutrition
Community Building Project In Rural Tsuen Wan

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Environmental Resource, Local Resource, Rural Economy, Community Building, Ecotourism, Research, Community Engagement, Communication, Relationship Building
GH02-002 Hong Kong Mui Wo & Ping Chau Island RECYCLE FOOD WASTE! Compost For Farms and Education For Schools
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Food Waste, Recycling, Organic Farm, Community Communication, Education
GH03-001 Hong Kong Mui Wo and Ping Chau BUILD FOR EDUCATION! Landscape Design For An Environmental Education Farm
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Organic Farm, Environmental Education Site, Landscape Design, Water System Improvement, Recycling Materials, Sustainable Design, On Hand Building Work
Building & Renovation Work For Christian Groups

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Interior Renovation, Building Maintenance, Technical Skills, Life Experience, Christian Groups
GH03-003 China Foshan, Guangdong BUILD FOR HEALTH!
Spatial & Facility Improvement For A Senior Home in Foshan

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Architectural Design, Living Space & Facility Improvement, Building, Elderly Welfare, Health Care, Quality of Life
GH03-004 Malaysia Bintangor, Sarawak Bintangor, Sarawak

BUILDING SOCIAL & CULTURAL COHESION! Build A Communal Hall for An Iban Village Community in Sarawak
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Architecture, Building, Design, Construction, Indigenous Culture, Social Cohesion, Village, Rural Area, Development Issues
GH04-001 Hong Kong Tai Po and Various Districts MAKE A READING CITY! Organizing Neighborhood Carnivals For Book Reading & Recycling
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City Culture, Resource Transfer, Book Recycling, Book Reading, Community Liaison, Event Management, Advertising and Public Relations
GH04-002 Hong Kong HKU Campus, Tai Kok Tsui & Kwai Tsing DIRECTING, ACTING & PRODUCING A DRAMA! Create Our Show “Kitty Hunter” To Deliver Messages To The Society
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Theatre, Directing, Acting, Producing, Performance, Expression, Teamwork, Messaging Society
GH04-003 Hong Kong HKU Campus & Tai Kok Tsui WRITE OUR OWN SCRIPTS! Create Our Stories And Share With The Public
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Hong Kong Culture, Social Issue, Literature, Languages, Scriptwriting, Reading, Analysis, Imagination, Messaging Society
GH04-004 Hong Kong Aberdeen RECORD OUR ORAL HISTORY & CULTURE! Community Tour In The South
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Local Culture, Local History, Social Issues, Oral History, Writing, Recording, Communication, Research, Training, Cultural Tourism
GH04-005 Hong Kong Sham Shui Po / Yau Ma Tei / Kwun Tong DANCE FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION & EQUALITY! Symbiotic Dance Project with the Elderly & Physical Disabled
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Disability, Elderly, Symbiotic Dance, Social Inclusion, Equality, Social Messages, Creativity, Body Languages, Performance
GH04-006 Hong Kong Sham Shui Po and Various Districts COMPOSE & SING OUR HONG KONG TALES! Community Music Touring Performances
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Community Cultural Development, Music, Compose A Song, Sing, Performance, Place Study, People Study, Cultural Study, History, Local Stories
Bollywood Dance Flash Mob in Yau Tsim Mong For A Brighter Life

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Community Cultural Development, Bollywood Dance, Symbiotic Dance, Indian Culture, Music, Performance, Activity Planning, Training, Advocacy, Ethnic Minorities, Disabled, Youth, Life Messages, Capacity Building, Social Harmony
GH04-008 Hong Kong Various locations in Hong Kong PROJECT ART is in the air
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Underprivileged Children, Elderly, Art Creation, Hong Kong Impressions
Campaign For Local Organic Food Production & Consumption

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Business, Sales & Marketing, Campaign, Local Agriculture, Organic Food, Green Life, Sustainable Eating, Food Safety, New Arrivals, Unemployed Women, Community Training, Capacity Building
GH05-002 Hong Kong Western District IDENTIFYING SERVICE SCOPE! Feasibility Study of Setting Up a Social Enterprise for the Underprivileged Community in HK
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Research & Analysis, Stakeholders Engagement, Feasibility Study, Social Enterprise Planning, Underprivileged Community, Training & Employment
GH05-003 Hong Kong Nankang, Beihai City, Guangxi DEVELOPING A BUSINESS TRAINING CENTRE! Vocational Training for the Disabled People in Rural Town of Guangxi
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Market Research, Operation Review, Business Development, Employment, Training, People with Disability, Town in China
GH06-001 Hong Kong Western District THINK ABOUT OUR AGING SOCIETY!
Facilitating Elderly Volunteers To Serve The Disadvantaged Elderly

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Aging Society, Social Welfare, Elderly Care, Peer Care, Interaction with Elderly, Team Work, Activity Planning, Outreaches, Visits
GH06-002 Hong Kong Sheung Wan and HKU TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTION FOR POVERTY! Inventing A Winter-Warmer Proto-Type For Underprivileged Kids
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Children, Poverty, Life Well-being, Community Arts, Winter Warmer, Heath Pack, Recycled Materials, Technological Solutions
GH06-003 Hong Kong Sham Shui Po CHERISH FOOD!
Food Donation And Sharing Project

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Food, Food Surplus, Food Waste, Campaign, Resource Redistribution, Poverty Reduction, Business, Marketing
GH06-004 Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin AVOID DEPRESSION! Depression Relief Project In Wong Tai Sin
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Mental Health, Depression Relief, Chronic Illness People, Social Supportive Network, Activity Coordination, Service Promotion
GH06-005 Hong Kong Yau Tong FEED PEOPLE IN NEED!
Bridging the Gap Between Hunger & Food Waste

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Food Bank, Food Waste, Hunger, Poverty Reduction, Equality, Resource Redistribution, Volunteer Coordination, Program Administration, Service Promotion
GH06-006 China Nankang, Beihai City, Guangxi ENHANCING REHABILITATION SERVICES FOR THE HANDICAPPED IN NANKANG! Program Development, Volunteer Training and Client Recruitment
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Service Review & Advisory, Rehabilitation Service Enhancement, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Speech Therapy, Volunteer Training
GH06-007 Hong Kong HKU Campus PEER SUPPORT for the prevention of drug and alcohol misuse
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Drug & Alcohol Misuse, Risky Behaviors, Assessment Tools, Peer Education, Campaign, Programme Development
GH06-008 Hong Kong HKU campus & various locations in Hong Kong CREATE AWARENESS, INSPIRE ACTION: Awareness campaign on MSF supporters’ initiated fundraising event
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Marketing Campaign, Social Media, Public Awareness, Global Humanitarian Issues, Medical Relief Works
GH06-009 Hong Kong HKU campus & various locations in Hong Kong Being a Voice for Children in Adversity: Engaging the Community
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Babies, Child Welfare, Young Mothers, Families, Crisis Pregnancy, Campaign, Community Engagement, Research
GH07-001 Hong Kong Central DEVELOP CURRICULUM FOR BUDDY READING! Improving English Literacy Skills Among Children From Low Income Families
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Education, Impact Measurement, Literacy, Curriculum Development, Books Reading, English
GH07-002 China Guangzhou GIVE CHILDREN LESSONS!
The Left Behind Children Project

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Social Structure, Left Behind Children, Teaching, Course Materials, Education on Mental & Physical Health
GH07-003 Hong Kong Tin Shui Wai EMPOWER OUR CHILDREN!
Visual Arts For Child Development In Tin Shui Wai

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Visual Art, Creativity, Joy, Activity Design, Education, Children Development, Children Empowerment, Elderly Care, Mental Health, Community Building
GH07-004 China Guizhou Province CREATING EXTRACURRICULAR LEARNING ACTIVITIES for the underprivileged children in the rural areas of Mainland China
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Children, Education, Social Work, Psychology, Social Problems, Social Inclusion, Poverty Alleviation, Cultural Exchange, Community Capacity Building, Rural Areas of Mainland China