Duties of the Centre

Support for Experiential Learning

  • Build a wide network of local and overseas community partners for Faculties to access;
  • Maintain close relationships and develop long-term arrangements with community partners;
  • Co-ordinate placements for projects where inter-disciplinary collaboration is required;
  • Work closely with Faculties to understand students’ learning goals and recommend sites and experiences; and
  • Deal with emergencies and crises.

Preparation for Learning and Training

  • Provide generic workshops on issues such as cultural adjustment, work ethics and interactional skills; and
  • Collaborate with Faculties to provide tailor-made workshops.

Supervision, Assessment and Evaluation of Learning

  • Organise discussions, workshops and experience-sharing sessions on supervision and assessment;
  • Collaborate with Faculties to design grading rubrics for reference and adaptation by individual programmes; and
  • Provide support to evaluate the efficacy of experiential learning through means such as student surveys.