“Gallant Ho Experiential Learning” and “Knowledge Exchange” project 2014-2015.

The domestic workers in Hong Kong are highly involved in the upbringing of children in the families where they work, creating a so called ‘extended family’. Often, because of the discrepancy in education and available information, communication between the parents and domestic workers is not optimal. This inherent limitation often leads to barriers at home where parents try to apply what they learn, but family members, including domestic workers, who may not have the same education are less likely to share in their enthusiasm for changing behavior. The aim of this project is to make the family’s communication about physical activity and eating habits easier, more fun, and more effective for family members who have responsibilities for care of the child. Furthermore, the project will both generally empower domestic workers with a better knowledge in children’s healthy development and childcare techniques, and more specifically to address their main childcare concerns and to offer individual support. Finally, HKU students will take an active role in promoting cultural understanding, inclusion and help for domestic workers in Hong Kong. The ultimate aim of this project is to instill domestic workers with the knowledge and confidence to their caregiver role, and benefit the family as a whole.


For HKU students, they will:

  • Take the consultant role in offering individual support for domestic workers
  • Critically examine and describe how to involve/include domestic workers in the families with young children in the promotion of physical activity and healthy food.
  • Identify key factors among the workers that promote and detract from leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Identify best practice in order to develop and implement effective and sustainable physical activity and healthy food enhancing interventions.
  • Help nurture a positive relationship between the domestic workers and their employers

For domestic workers, they will:

  • Be empowered with better understanding in children’s development through a series of educational activities organized by HKU
  • Be equipped with new knowledge, skills and ideas in relate to children’s diet, physical activity and nature connection
  • Cultivate more confidence in their caregiver roles


A. Health & Nutrition Talks:

Date Time Topic
April 12 (Sunday) 4-5 pm Let’s talk about food and nutrition. Practical tips.
April 19 (Sunday) 4-5 pm How to promote healthy eating habits in your family?
May 10 (Sunday) 4-5 pm Physical activity – what to think about during the day.
May 17 (Sunday) 4-5 pm How to encourage children to be more connected with nature?

B. Workshops:

Date Time Topic
TBD TBD Individual Consultation Session 1
TBD TBD Individual Consultation Session 2

Room CPD. 1.21 (Please see the map of Centennial Campus)

Principal Investigator:
Tanja Sobko, PhD, Assistant Professor
Institute of Human Performance
The University of Hong Kong
3/F Bldg. for Interdisciplinary Research
5 Sassoon Rd, Pokfulam, Hong Kong
Tel. +852 2831 5261
Mob. +852 51816160