Vocational Training for the Disabled People in Rural Town of Guangxi

Project Location:

Nankang, Beihai City, Guangxi, China

Community Partner:

Living Stones Village (LSV)

Our Social Mission:

To provide vocational training and employment opportunities to the poor children and young adults with physical or mental disability.

Student Learning:

Students will learn and experience the challenges of developing a self-sustained Business Training Centre for LSV.

Project Opportunities
  • Conduct a market research to further understand the needs and demographic structure of the district.
  • Evaluate the existing business model and operations of the Business Training Centre, which has 22 shop units currently running business on art, music, fashion and bicycle.
  • Suggest a suitable structure, internal accounting policy and financial model for the Business Training Center, within the laws for a non-profit organization in Mainland China.
  • If students had already formulated a business plan and are seeking an opportunity to pilot a store-front business, LSV can provide the space rent-free for a temporary or continuous business venture. Any profit generated by students from this business will be donated to LSV.
Key Areas:
Business Development Employment Market Research Operation Review People with Disability Town in China Training

Project code: GH05-003