Community Music Touring Performances

Project Location:

Sham Shui Po & Various Districts, Hong Kong

Community Partner:

Centre for Community Cultural Development

Our Social Mission:

To let Hongkongers know more about different communities of Hong Kong.

Student Learning:

Students will learn about observing, analyzing and understanding different communities in Hong Kong, as well as communicating their findings and thoughts to the public by means of lyrics and songs.

Project Opportunities
  • Visit different districts and talk to different people.
  • Look into the historical, cultural, social, environmental and/or economic backgrounds of the communities.
  • Investigate the local resources, strength and characteristics of different communities.
  • Document and communicate the findings by writing a song for each community.
  • Use lyrics to tell the stories about the communities and students’ thoughts.
  • Line up different community groups to go around Hong Kong to perform the songs to the public.
  • Conduct certain study in the process.
Key Areas:
Community Development & Capacity Building Culture & History Performing Arts

Project code: GH04-006