Feasibility Study of Setting Up a Social Enterprise for the Underprivileged Community in HK

Project Location:

Western District, Hong Kong

Community Partner:

St. Barnabas’ Society and Home

Our Social Mission:

To set up a social enterprise to provide a platform for the poor and homeless people in HK to develop themselves with more working skills and help them reintegrate back into the society.

Student Learning:

Students will learn about planning a local social enterprise in a real situation.

Project Opportunities
  • In-person experience and understand the services of the organization.
  • Conduct studies and analysis about social enterprise, government’s funding/support to social enterprises, the existing social enterprises in HK, successful cases and their operations, especially on elderly home and restaurants.
  • Conduct SWOT analysis on the organization to identify its core competence.
  • Engage stakeholders to collect information and views.
  • Formulate feasible suggestions on the type of social enterprise that is suitable for the organization to set up and also the possible methods to develop resources.
Key Areas:
Feasibility Study Research & Analysis Social Enterprise Planning Stakeholders Engagement Training & Employment Underprivileged Community

Project code: GH05-002