“We really want students to learn something that they would not necessarily learn in the classroom setting. Also, we see the need for students to reach out to the community and get other perspectives to help them understand what is going on in society”, said Professor Bennett Yim on the objectives of the Business Consulting Practicum (BCP).

Under the BCP, students work in SMEs or social enterprises as business consultants under the guidance of teachers and mentors. They can gain practical business experience, improve their leadership qualities and analytical skills, and contribute to the community. The participating client organizations can also benefit from the customized consulting service at no charge.

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“Before the project, business is what we talk about in class and the objective of business is profit maximization. But for social enterprises, it is a combination of business innovation and the desire to help underprivileged people discover their hidden talents. After the project, I feel if we can do business well, we can meet lots of needs and create social value,” said Maggie Che, a Business student involved in the BCP with a social enterprise.

Happy Veggies, a vegetarian restaurant and social enterprise that hires disadvantaged people. A group of students from the Faculty of Business and Economics helped with the establishment of the restaurant by conducting market research and proposing business and operation plans.