Resources & Support for Faculty

jpegGHELC resources can be best utilised through an initial consultation to identify what additional support is needed. When a faculty member is interested in imbedding experiential learning pedagogy into her or his course, GHELC can assist with course design and development, community partnerships, academic assessment and evaluation, critical reflection and trouble-shooting. Faculty considering an experiential learning course should contact GHELC team.

Course planning support

  • Organise discussions, workshops and experience-sharing sessions on supervision and assessment;
  • Collaborate with faculty members to design grading rubrics for reference and adaptation by individual programme; and
  • Provide support to evaluate the efficacy of experiential learning through means such as student surveys.

Logistical support

  • Build a wide network of local and overseas community partners for faculty members to access;
  • Maintain close relationships and develop long-term arrangement with community partners; and
  • Coordinate placements for projects where inter-disciplinary collaboration is required.

Health and wellness support for experiential learning students

  • Provide generic workshops on issues such as cultural adjustments, work ethics, interactional skills and safety issues; and
  • Collaborate with faculties to provide tailor-made workshops.
Potential Experiential Learning Opportunities
Experiential Learning Fund